Semester 2

My First thing that i have loaded up is called a bottle. I had to make a cylinder first and then start to slowly squeeze the top in and make it in the shape of a bottle. This was fun but a bit hard to make. I could have done a better job, but it was my first one.

This is called a chalice. It was over all pretty easy and fun. The color is suppose to make it look older, like it came from the Greek times. I only made one and that's it.


Square Cylinder
What i have here is a square cylinder that i made. I started out as a normal cylinder and then after i made a normal one i turned the sides into a square shape. It was fun kinda unique how we did this.

Square Mug
I made this mug the same way i made the cylinder. Again it was fun and interesting. A cool project that we did and yeah> i didn't get a chance to glaze it.